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Blockchain Market Update – December 5, 2018

Fidelity, Nasdaq: Invests in new cryptocurrency exchange ErisX, who has raised a total of $27.5M from investors. ErisX aims to offer investors ability to trade BTC, LTC and ETH on spot and futures markets starting next year, subject to regulatory approval—Project Development 

Diar: Crypto market research group reports that large-scale whale investors have used ongoing cryptocurrency bear market to accumulate vast sums of ETH, and more ETH was accumulated by whale addresses in 2018 than any other period in history. Through 11 months of the year, nearly 10 million ETH have been accumulated by whale addresses, bringing the total value of the top 500 addresses to 20 million ETH, just under 20% of the total circulating supply—Trading 

EOSBet: Announced it had received a gaming license from Curaçao eGaming regulators. The accreditation from the established online gambling regulator means EOSBet can now legally offer “all forms of interactive online gambling. Notably, the license makes EOSBet the first open-source dApp on the EOS network to receive regulatory approval from a recognized licensing body—Regulation 

Coinbase: Starting November, added ability for customers to link their PayPal and Coinbase accounts. Depending on country of residence, customers can either withdraw cash or sell crypto to PayPal—Exchange 

Signature Bank: Launching digital payments platform built on blockchain architecture to streamline real-time payments. Also received approval from New York State Department of Financial Services to offer services within the state. Further, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has approved Signet deposits to receive insurance up to the legal insurable amounts Signet platform will allow bank’s customers to conduct payments at any time of day beginning Jan. 1, 2019. All transactions will be secure, require no transaction fees and avoid third-parties. Minimum client account balance requirement of $250,000—Financial Institution 

Bitfinex, Ethfinex: Listed USD Coin (USDC), TrueUSD (TUSD), Paxos Standard Token (PAX) and Gemini USD (GUSD), adding to its support for MakerDao’s Dai and Tether’s USDT to support six of the market’s major stablecoins. All stablecoins available on the exchanges will be traded against the U.S. dollar—Exchange 

Paris: Photos have surfaced of protestors in Paris showing yellow vests with the words “Buy Bitcoin”—Other 

Ripple, NEM: Launches new association to represent interests of blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses. “Blockchain for Europe” association claims to be first unified voice for industry in Europe. They aim to foster understanding of the technology and highlight the “true nature and potential” of blockchain and distributed ledger tech—Other 

Bloomberg: Most miners are only profitable when BTC trades above $4,500. Few can afford to continue mining: miners with scale, very specific business models, and extremely low electricity costs. With hash rates down 36% from all-time peak this August, mining difficulty has dropped about 10%, making it easier for the remaining mining rigs to earn BTC, according to Lex Sokolin, the London-based global director of fintech strategy at Autonomous—Mining 

SK Holdings C&C, Consensys: Information technology solutions unit of South Korea’s SK Group partners with ConsenSys to develop ”enterprise blockchain development hub” for use by Korean businesses. Both have agreed to work on building enterprise blockchain business model utilizing “smart contracts” among designated entities. Together with ConsenSys, SK will also operate an Ethereum development trainer program, while also discussing the development of a blockchain curriculum for developers in the Korean market—Project Development 

Vertcoin: Malicious actors launched latest 51% attack on Vertcoin. The attackers re-organized transactions and caused double spends over 300 blocks deep, as noted by Coinbase engineer Mark Nesbitt. The double spends amounted to over $100,000 lost on the network—Other 

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