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Blockchain Market Update – December 6, 2018

Binance: Unveiled a preview of their new decentralized exchange (DEX). In a few months, the community-driven DEX will launch and will allow traders to issue and exchange digital assets without having to deposit onto central exchange. Decentralized exchange is built on top of Binance Chain and will use Binance Coin (BNB) as the native asset—Exchange

E.U.: Seven EU member nations, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, signed a joint declaration to promote adoption of blockchain in the region to transform their economies. They further committed to collaborating on development of the technology to become a leading region in this sector. Document cites “education, transport, mobility, shipping, land registry, customs, company registry, and healthcare” as services which can be transformed. Group also cites use for protecting citizens’ privacy and making bureaucratic procedures more efficient—Regulation

Aion: According to CEO Matt Spoke, the foundation had sold off half of the $23 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether it raised in October 2017 for fiat. After spending more than $10 million launching its unique blockchain platform and opening offices in Canada, Barbados, and China, the nonprofit had $14 million left as of October 31 of this year, $5.8 million of it in fiat. Estimates an 18-month runway left for the project—Other

Chile: Supreme Court ruled against crypto exchange Orionx and has allowed a state-owned bank to close down Orionx’s account. The high court revoked the decision taken in July that guaranteed protection to Orionx and forced state-owned bank Banco del Estado to reopen its account. The new judgement states that the bank acted correctly and did not violate any rules of the Chilean constitution—Regulation

Estonia: Changing their regulatory attitude towards digital currencies to prevent money laundering and terrorism funding. The Financial Supervision Authority of Estonia is set to focus on companies offering crypto-based services, and is mostly concerned with the point of sale where fiat is exchanged for crypto. The regulatory authority states they will scrutinize token sales of every kind and will monitor the records on a case-by-case basis—Regulation

R3: Distributed ledger technology provider launches the Corda Settler, an application aimed to facilitate global cryptocurrency payments within enterprise blockchains. R3 said XRP is the first globally recognized cryptocurrency to be supported by Settler, bringing the Corda and XRP ecosystems into closer alignment—Project Development

Bitwise: Bitwise Asset Management, a crypto company based in California, will launch two new crypto funds due to investor demand. Two new funds will be called Bitwise Ethereum Fund and the Bitwise Bitcoin Fund—Project Development

Crypto Fund Research: Of the 633 cryptocurrency funds the firm tracks, report cites that 35 funds have shut down this year to date. This accounts for 5% of the total number of funds—Other

DiarMarket researcher notes there is greater competition among stablecoins. At the start of 2018, only three stablecoins traded, with Tether owning 94% of outstanding stablecoin market supply. However, competition has ramped up with at least 8 new contenders dropping Tether’s dominance to 74% at the end of November—Other

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