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Blockchain Market Update – February 12, 2019

SquareCEO Jack Dorsey says he’s working with the team at Lightning Labs to bring the Lightning Network to Square’s Cash App. Dorsey said making Bitcoin more transactional is a high priority, and that it’s only a matter of time before the company integrates the technology to make it faster and easier to use Bitcoin for purchases—Project Development

TezosAsset digitisation company Elevated Returns announced it has chosen Tezos blockchain to launch real estate investment offering. Company says it plans to tokenise $1 billion-worth of real estate and put it on blockchain. In October of last year, it sold the St Regis Aspen Resort, a hotel in Colorado, for $18 million via Indiegogo and blockchain. Will also work with Securitize to ensure assets the company adds to blockchain are compliant with regulatory requirements—Project Development

Monero Hard Fork: Announcement made by Monero team that hard fork will occur on block #1788000 and will be taking place on March 9, 2019—Project Development

Reality Shares ETFReality Shares ETF Trust, a branch of Blockforce Capital, filed a Form N1-A with SEC in partnership with NYSE Arca, looking to launch Reality Shares Blockforce Global Currency Strategy ETF. New proposed ETF would invest in bitcoin futures; though only as part of larger set of conservative investmentsProject Development

U.S. SECRe-released guide to ICOs, listing five aspects to ICOs the SEC considers as essential, plus guidelines for investors and market professionals involved in ICOs. 5 aspects are: 1) ICOs can be securities offerings, 2) may need to be registered, 3) tokens sold in ICOs can be called many things, 4) ICOs may pose substantial risks, and 5) ask questions before investing. Following guidelines were set in place as SEC believes ICOs pose increased risk of fraud and manipulation because less regulation in ICO’s compared to traditional capital markets—Regulation

BitcoinFindings show at least 111 countries where Bitcoin is legal. In many others, Bitcoin’s legal status is up for question or subject to restrictions. Of the top 20 fiat currencies used to trade for Bitcoin, only 3 are from countries where Bitcoin holds no legal status: Nigeria, where Bitcoin has no legal status; Indonesia, which currently labels Bitcoin as restricted; and Vietnam, where it is legal to trade Bitcoin but illegal to use it as a payment tool—Regulation

EthereumTotal block rewards have dropped to lowest levels recorded, with only 13,000 ETH mined per day compared to 20,000 ETH as Ice Age kicks in to make mining more difficult—Other

RippleCory Johnson, Chief Market Strategist of Ripple, has been removed from his position in the company. In a public statement, Ripple noted that the changes in market conditions prompted them to eliminate the role of Chief Market Strategist—Other

OTC Trading DeskMajor crypto exchanges launch their own OTC desks despite continued bearish sentiment in market, with notable ones including Binance, Bittrex, Circle, Coinbase Prime, Poloniex, and Huobi. Although established OTC desks such as Circle Trade are reportedly not experiencing any significant ta pering of client interest, a December report from investment bank JPMorgan Chase found that crypto winter is scaring off institutional investors—Other

MoscowMunicipal gov’t of Moscow is planning to launch blockchain-based city innovation cluster by summer 2019. Platform will enable participants to find potential partners, as well as learn about their products and equipment—Regulation

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