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Blockchain Market Update – February 18, 2019

ShapeshiftCrypto exchange is planning for a major rebrand this year. CEO Erik Voorhes notes they will will be opening a closed beta period for selected users to try new version of the exchange focused on simplifying user experience—Exchange

Coinmama450,000 email addresses and hashed passwords of users who registered until Aug. 5, 2017 were leaked on a dark web registry. Leaked information came from larger breach that affected 24 companies and released total of 747M user records—Exchange

IndonesiaIntroduces legislation that recognizes cryptos as trading commodity. It thus gives legal certainty to crypto exchanges operating in Indonesia. However, Chief Economic Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution was careful to note that gov’t of Indonesia was not legalizing Bitcoin. Crypto ban imposed on 2017 was not lifted and the legislation was only for futures exchanges. Despite the formal recognition given to virtual currencies as commodities, the ban on cryptocurrency payment is still in effect—Regulation

CoinbaseAnnouncement that Coinbase wallet now allows backing up private keys on cloud has garnered concern from other players in the industry. MyCrypto CEO remarks that regardless of strength of encryptions, weak link will always be user selected password, because people aren’t capable of generating passwords with enough entropy, and they don’t always use unique passwords for every service—Other

EthereumAt last Core Dev meeting, Ethereum developers discussed status of testnet after Constantinople hard fork and rejected EIP1355 “Ethash 1a” proposal. They also began collecting proposals for next hard fork of Istanbul, the deadline of which is May 17. The hard fork of Istanbul may consider EIP1418’s proposal on blockchain rent—Other

CanadaCanadian regulator Financial Markets Authority of Quebec says cryptocurrency mining contracts can fall under securities regulation. The announcement comes in response to a request that investors of a cryptocurrency mining firm contact the AMF regarding $300,000 of unrecovered investments—Other

NYSE ArcaSEC announced it was beginning review of Bitcoin ETF rule change proposal filed by NYSE Arca and Bitwise Asset Management. Proposal itself was published in Federal Register on Feb. 15, meaning regulator has 45 days to make initial decision on whether to approve, reject or extend proposal. Members of general public looking to file responses to proposal have three weeks to submit comments—Other

RakutenExpanding functionality of payments app and will integrate cryptocurrency support to Rakuten Pay. New version is expected to go live March 2019. Native support such as Rakuten Card and payment cards, barcodes, and QR code payments will take center stage. All features will be very useful within Japan, as consumers are spending more money through mobile applications—Project Development

Joseph YoungCrypto analyst opines crypto made more progress in institutionalization in 12 months than in previous 9 years. Cited four major aspects: $40 million from 2 public pension funds in U.S; $237 million invested by institutions through Grayscale; Fidelity and ICE building infrastructure; major exchanges operating as custodians—Other

EOSfinexPaolo Ardoino, Bitfinex’s CTO, says that preparations for EOSfinex are in progress. UI, as well as main chain and sidechain of the entire process, is ready. They are now focusing on creating an open public beta in the next 2-3 weeks—Exchange

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