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Blockchain Market Update – February 20, 2019

CoinbaseHas acquired blockchain analytics startup Neutrino as part of a wider push to offer more diverse crypto assets across borders. Neutrino will help Coinbase identify “which new tokens are gaining value and gaining traction in the space—Exchange

GoogleGoogle’s iOS keyboard just added a new symbol, shining a light on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Users can now type in Bitcoin’s iconic “B” symbol by pressing and holding dollar sign with the Gboard App installed instead of the default Apple keyboard—Other

U.S. SECBitcoin ETF proposal submitted by VanEck, SolidX and Cboe BZX Exchange is expected to be formally published in Federal Register and will start 45-day clock for approval, rejection or extension. Once proposal is officially published, the general public will have three weeks to file initial responses. Then SEC will have another three weeks, until April 5, to make decision or give itself extension—Regulation

C Block Capital: Private and international investment group headquartered in Hong Kong partners with Securitize, who has been established as a compliance platform. Partnership will allow C Block Capital to make headway into making sure STOs coming from China to the Securitize platform remain compliant to relevant regulations—Financial Institution

CumberlandModernizing way it handles over-the-counter trades with clients using a so-called single-dealer platform called Marea, allowing institutional investors to interact with Cumberland through a screen-based interface, rather than negotiating trades by phone or Skype—Project Development

Bitcoin CashDevelopers have agreed to include Schnorr signatures and better SegWit recovery mechanisms into the protocol for its May 2019 update. The enhancements will allow more efficient transaction verification and more private interactions with features like smart contracts, payment channels, and atomic swaps—Project Development

EthereumAfri Schoedon, one of Ethereum Core developers, has left project and opened arms to a new job in a different project. He has since ceased all contact within social networks and will no longer be active in the social community—Other

trueDigitalHired Thomas Kim from Bridgewater Associate, world’s largest hedge fund, to be its CEO. trueDigital is firm that built blockchain payments system for Signature Bank which, unlike JP Morgan’s JPM Coin, has already been processing millions of dollars a day through their Signet system—Project Development

Hong KongLei Tianliang, chairman of Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission, notes that regulatory sandbox for cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges is accepting applications. Number of platforms to be included in sandbox is still uncertain. Depending on outcome, HK will decide whether cryptocurrency trading platforms will be supervised by SFC or regulated by legislations in future—Regulation

CipherTraceBlockchain security firm, which develops cryptocurrency intelligence, AML schemes, blockchain analytics and forensics, and compliance solutions, has raised $15M in venture capital. The round was led by Aspect Ventures and includes other notable investors such as Galaxy Digital, Neotribe Ventures, and WestWave Capital—Project Development

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