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Blockchain Market Update – February 4, 2019

Jack DorseyCEO of Twitter shares optimism on BTC, explaining that he feels that BTC meets all the conditions to become the common currency of the internet in the future. Born on the internet, developed on the internet, and tested on the internet, BTC is poised to become the native currency of the internet, if the internet will have a native currency—Other

MalaysiaSecurities commission announced amendments to its Guidelines on Recognized Markets, introducing regulations for crypto exchange platforms. Platforms looking to operate in the country have until March 1, 2019 to register with SC. As part of amended guidelines, Bitcoin exchanges must conform to corporate organizational structure. Top executives of such businesses must also have clean criminal record, in addition to possessing demonstrable experience in trading markets. Platforms must also show proof of robust security measures to protect investor funds—Regulation

WyomingPassed bill that allows cryptocurrencies to be recognized as money. Bill will place crypto assets into three categories: digital consumer assets, digital securities and virtual currencies. Any digital assets that fall into those three categories will be defined as intangible personal property, granting virtual currencies same treatment as fiat money. Bill will go in effect on Mar. 1—Regulation

QuadrigaCX: Exchange that claimed to have lost control of funds because their CEO, who held private keys, passed away is now under doubt. Reddit user found QuadrigaCX’s LTC cold wallet addresses, and funds are being moved out, with addresses still possessing a huge sum of balance left—Exchange

LithuaniaCentral Bank of Lithuania may issue a digital numismatic coin this year, to be named LB Coin and to be based on blockchain. By releasing the coin, Central Bank hopes to test cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies—Regulation

Venezuela: Sudden spike in BTC volume was seen, as $7M worth of BTC was traded on LocalBitcoins, marking the highest ever trading volume recorded for Venezuela—Trading

CoinPulseCrypto exchange announced it will enter indefinite maintenance and will have to suspend all trading and deposits. For the next coming week, all users are urged to move funds out of CoinPulse wallets to avoid being locked out during maintenance—Exchange

Mt. GoxNext court hearing is slated towards end of Feb. 2019, with the court to decide if victims of hack should be first to reclaim their loss or not. Additionally, Peter Vessenes, co-founder of CoinLab and former Chair at Bitcoin Foundation, is taking part in Mt. Gox’s civil rehabilitation program, and is claiming $16B in compensation. If passed by the court, there would be little funds left for other victims—Regulation

NEM FoundationRegarding their budget situation, amidst their plans of layoffs and corporate restructuring, clarifies that they are not on the verge of bankruptcy but are just low on funds. In case the NEM community refuses to provide funding, NEM Foundation will start searching for money from third-party investors—Other

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