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Blockchain Market Update – January 15, 2019

HSBCAnnounced it settled more than $250B in transactions using DLT. Settled 3 million foreign exchange transactions and made a further 150,000 payments using its HSBC FX Everywhere platform. HSBC has been using platform since last year to orchestrate payments across HSBC’s internal balance sheets—Project Development

Malaysia: Order to recognize digital currencies and tokens as securities will come into force on Jan. 15, under regulation of Securities Commission Malaysia. SCM expected to launch framework by end of Q1 2019, putting in place regulatory requirements for issuance of ICOs and trading of digital assets at digital asset exchanges in Malaysia—Regulation

Bakkt: Acquired assets owned by Rosenthal Collins Group, a futures commissions merchant. Rosenthal Collins specializes in managing commodities accounts for investors and institutions by moving money, handling collateral, and steering trades through bank-owned clearinghouses with minimal risk of default—Project Development

Vontobel: Swiss major private investment bank launches crypto custody solution targeting banks and asset managers. With launch of new digital assets custodian solution, named Digital Asset Vault, Vontobel claims to be first bank in the world to comply with standards required by both industry regulators and financial intermediaries—Financial Institution

FXCMGlobal FX brokerage expands its range of cryptocurrency instruments and now offers CFDs on ETH for all its trading accounts. Introduced CFDs earlier last year when it began testing the service with its already active BTC offering—Financial Institution

BittrexLaunches OTC trading desk, available for approved clients and supporting nearly 200 cryptos already offered by Bittrex. OTC desk will provide guaranteed pricing for major trades, typically $250,000 or greater—Exchange

Wilshire PhoenixNY-based investment-management firm submitted S1 filing on Jan. 10 to SEC for BTC-related exchange-traded fund named United States Bitcoin and Treasury Investment Trust. Will hold BTC, short-term U.S. Treasury bills, and U.S. dollars in hopes of providing investors with exposure to BTC efficiently, conveniently, and with less volatility than purchasing standalone BTC—Project Development

RussiaNews of gov’t buying $10B worth of BTC speculated to be fake, with Russia making no official announcement. Source of news appears to be Twitter user Vladislav Ginko, who posts tweets that are tabloid in nature and continue to cite himself as evidence of claims. Multiple news sites have taken bait and posted news piece of dubious claims—Other

Bulgaria NRANational Revenue Agency to inspect companies involved in sales of cryptocurrency to establish if companies and their clients comply with tax and social security legislation. NRA has already assigned control actions to 9 Bulgarian companies—Regulation

Denmark: Trading is put under greater scrutiny, as tax agency won permission to collect information on trade of crypto conducted via 3 exchanges between 2016-2018. Exchanges in question need to provide information on names, addresses and personal tax numbers of users. Tax agency will ensure citizens paid tax on cryptocurrencies—Regulation

Bitmain: Closes down overseas office in Amsterdam as part of its ongoing business adjustments. While the Amsterdam office is still in operation, decision is made and process is now underway—Other

Vermont: Launches blockchain pilot project for insurance industry. Both Office of the Vermont Secretary of State and Vermont Department of Financial Regulation will examine blockchain tech’s potential in digital recordkeeping, registration and regulatory process. Trial program will give insurers in Vermont option to file registration and reporting documents using private blockchain technology—Regulation

LedgerX: Launches LedgerX Volatility Index to track expected volatility for BTC. Will draw data for index from its regulated BTC options, which various institutions have been trading over 2018—Project Development

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