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Blockchain Market Update – January 29, 2019

BitTorrent Token SalePublic sale of 59.8B BTT, worth $7.2M, sold out in minutes. Justin Sun reveals 23.76B token cap for BNB session was reached in 13 minutes and 35.64B token cap for TRX session was reached in 14 minutes. Binance CEO notes sale could have ended in seconds if not for technical issues with Launchpad platform—Project Development

Washington: Washington State Senate introduced SB 5638, an act recognizing validity of distributed ledger technology. Bill would amend and add to an act already in state law, the Washington Electronic Authentication Act, revising purpose, construction and definitions sections of act. New blockchain bill would revise act to include encouraging development of distributed ledger technology on top of ensuring electronic signatures are not denied legal recognition and providing voluntary licensing mechanisms for digital signature certification—Regulation

BitGrail: Italian court forces BitGrail CEO to repay $170M in lost cryptocurrency that went missing early last year. Documents show CEO must declare bankruptcy, forfeit personal assets, and return as much missing digital assets as possible—Regulation

ShinhanCard: Card provider affiliated with one of largest financial banking groups in South Korea made first transaction using OmiseGO as a validator. In a short demonstration, they sent small volume of tokens, representing ShinhanCard’s reward points, to an example user wallet—Project Development

DashVenezuela merchant team accused by its community of embezzlement, providing false data in a report describing salary payouts. Dash Watch has published its financial report for the months October-December 2018, exposing their foul play—Other

Lieferando.deGermany’s largest online food delivery platform has swelled to over 13,000 restaurants and now accepts BTC for payment. No fees are charged if BTC is used for payment, compared to 6% to pay with PayPal and credit cards—Project Development

BelarusbankLargest bank in Belarus reportedly debating launch of crypto exchange. Also have decided to place digitization among main areas of focus for 2019 in effort to keep up with banking sector—Other

LiquiCrypto exchange is shutting down, with users given 30 days to withdraw assets. Closing down because unable to provide sufficient liquidity to remaining users due to change in their policy, which users were given the option to opt-in to—Exchange

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