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Blockchain Market Update – January 30, 2019

Gemini: NY-based crypto exchange and custodian secured critical evaluation for firm. The examination, an SOC for Service Organizations, is an evaluation of company’s design and internal security controls and was conducted and validated by third-party, Deloitte. Gemini is first crypto exchange and custodian to complete an SOC 2—Exchange

CryptopiaBlockchain analysis platform Elementus releases new report regarding another hack on Cryptopia. A Jan. 28 hack targeted 17,000 more Cryptopia user wallets, netting them another 1,675 ETH. Of those 17,000 wallets, over 5,000 already had their funds stolen in original hack 15 days prior. With stolen funds going to same wallet connected to initial hack, it is believed both hacks were done by same hacker—Exchange

IranCentral Bank of Iran releases early draft of its regulations on crypto, reversing a previous ban, but still imposing restrictions on use of digital currency inside Islamic Republic. Regulations aim to organize and define boundaries of ongoing crypto operations in country—Regulation

UAE, Saudi ArabiaThe proposed UAE-Saudi digital currency, called “Aber,” will be restricted to few banks in each country towards executing financial settlements between the two—Project Development

South KoreaCentral Bank of South Korea indicates they will not issue a Central Bank Backed Digital Currency in near future because of influence it has on monetary policies and entire financial market. Still, Bank of Korea confirms necessity of preparing for evolving payment environment with less cash use—Regulation

LitecoinCharlie Lee announces adoption of Confidential Transactions technology is now under way. It is expected full-functionality of privacy features will be available in 2019—Project Development

HuobiAlipay’s lawyer team sent letter to Huobi demanding they stop providing OTC service to users, shut connections down and delete all pages with Alipay’s logo. A letter to the same effect was also sent by WeChat, warning Huobi of transferring money for crypto trading purposes via WeChat. Huobi denies any official partnership with Alipay or WeChat, explaining that transactions are peer-to-peer operations between users. WeChat has placed limitations on money-transfer function of public and individual accounts that violated its regulations. Alipay has shut down 3,000 accounts involved in crypto trading during ongoing inspection of crypto transactions using its platform—Exchange

BitcoinAn unknown group of BTC miners are rapidly gaining high percentage of hashrate on Bitcoin network. Possibilities range from wealthy oligarchs and state-sponsored entities to private companies and Wall Street. Speculations include Binance, North Korea, Fidelity, Samsung, Iran, and Russia—Mining

TokenSoft: Launches cold-storage custody service designed specifically for security tokens. They also launched beta version of wallet to all their existing and future customers. Known as Knox, it allows enterprises to maintain a multi-signature, self-custody system for different cryptocurrencies and digital securities—Project Development

tZERO: Overstock’s security token platform officially opened for trading last week, but only available for trading during traditional market hours of 14:30 to 21:00 (UTC), typical hours for Wall Street. First purchase of tZERO tokens on market came in $8 lower than security offering that Overstock hosted, originally $16 each—Trading

BitsparkCrypto money transfer platform launches Sparkdex.HKD, a stablecoin pegged to the Hong Kong dollar—Project Development

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