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Blockchain Market Update – March 1, 2019

SingaporeGovernment Investment Corporation (GIC) was reportedly one of investors to have helped raise $300 million for Coinbase in 2018. Coinbase revealed it had raised $300 million in Series E equity financing round in Oct, bringing post-money valuation at time to $8 billion—Other

KrakenAnnounced it is giving up to $100,000 (fiat or crypto) as reward for tips that best lead to discovery of missing $190 million dollars from QuadrigaCXExchange

FacebookAnonymous sources indicate that Facebook’s project will be aimed to integrate cryptocurrency payments into its messaging services. There is enough progress in the project that Facebook has held conversations with crypto exchanges about selling Facebook coin to consumers—Project Development

EthereumConstantinople and St. Petersburg hard forks activate on blockchain. One of changes effected is reduction of mining block rewards from 3 ETH to 2. Several reports have indicated hard forks were successfully completed without abnormalities—Project Development

Signature BankIn partnership with gov’t of Bermuda, New York bank to offer full banking services to licenced fintech firms in Bermuda, including startups that struggle to secure accounts, and the 66 startups already incorporated in Bermuda—Financial Institution

KeneticHong Kong-headquartered Kenetic Capital made decision to terminate OTC trading services. Attributed demise to insufficient volume to make ends meet, and acting upon a structural adjustment, the firm will later pivot its focus to proprietary trading and investing in businesses. Furthermore, its consultancy services took fall as well—Other

Cambridge AssociatesPensions and endowments consultant states institutional investors should start exploring the crypto space. They recommend that no more than 1% is invested either directly, via crypto or indirectly in blockchain companies—Financial Institution

MicrosoftReleases 24th Annual Security Intelligence Report, which includes list of users’ first actions to ensure they are not subject to ransomware, cryptocurrency mining software or cyber attacks supported by countries. Report shows that crypto hijacking malware has become most urgent attack that users need to handle—Other

CaliforniaMajority Leader of California State Assembly, Ian Calderon, introduced Assembly Bill 1489, which would govern virtual currency business activity that takes place with or on behalf of residents. The bill is similar to New York’s BitLicense, and would require companies to go through an approval process to conduct crypto-related activities in state. Civil penalties of $10,000 for each day of violation of provisions may be incurred by virtual currency businesses. Engagement in such activities without a license may incur a penalty of up to $50,000 for each day of violationRegulation

Thai SECUpdated list of cryptos suitable for use in ICOs, investments, and trading pairs. Official Thai SEC statement reports that in addition to BTC, ETH, XRP, and XLM, cryptocurrencies BCH, ETC, and LTC have been added to list of cryptos that could be used and remain compliant with Thai regulations—Regulation

PwCAnnounced new “Smart Credentials” blockchain platform, enabling individuals to take control over qualifications and share them with those they trust. From an employer perspective, ability to verify credentials adds credibility. PwC Research found that 37% of “bad hires” are result of skill or credential misrepresentation—Project Development

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