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Blockchain Market Update – March 5, 2019

Starbucks: Reportedly received significant equity in Bakkt in return for commitment to allow Bitcoin payments in store in 2019—Project Development

Lightning Payment: Two developers working in separate countries have successfully sent a bitcoin lightning payment over radio waves. Transaction was sent by Rodolfo Novak, co-founder of bitcoin hardware startup CoinKite, to developer and Bloomberg columnist Elaine Ou. The completed payment effectively moved real bitcoin from Toronto, Canada, to San Francisco, California—Other

Lyft: Ridesharing App Lyft has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.Care to tokenize healthcare-related transport arrangements. Integrated solution will empower Solve.Care wallet holders to schedule their own Lyft rides to doctors’ offices, hospitals, and pharmacies. Additionally, patients can automatically pay for ride with their Care.Wallet and share ride costs with family members, employers, insurers and others—Project Development

Dash: Firm behind Dash has made series of layoffs due to fiscal strains. Around 8 percent of staff will leave Dash Core Group, including their Head of Strategy and Head of Business—Project Development

Coinbase: Will push out several employees from Neutrino following online criticism over exchange’s acquisition of the blockchain analytics firm. CEO Brian Armstrong announced in blog post that Coinbase and Neutrino have decided they will let go Neutrino’s employees who had ever worked for an IT startup called Hacking Team, whether or not they still have any current affiliation with the startup—Exchange

Malta: Cryptocurrency and blockchain companies operating in Malta are being denied banking services despite government support, according to article in Times of Malta. Sources from company service providers, legal firms and corporate finance companies confirmed banks were declining business, saying it was outside their “risk appetite”—Other

Tron/Tether: Announced partnership to introduce USDT to TRON network by second quarter of 2019. Forthcoming TRC20-based USDT will be interoperable with all Tron-based protocols and decentralized applications and allow for transaction and exchange of fiat-pegged coins across the blockchain—Project Development

Circle: Announced the finalization of their acquisition of SeedInvest, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the United States and operator of a registered broker-dealer, after receiving regulatory approval by FINRA—Project Development

MoneroLedger developers team posted warning on Monero’s subreddit advising users not to use Nano S Monero App. Apparently, a bug associated with app had been discovered when user on Reddit made a claim that he or she lost ~1680 Monero [$80,000] due to a bug—Other

UtahIntroduced bill that would stop blockchain firms from being classed as money transmitters. Senator Daniel Hemmert filed senate bill 213, proposing that any person who “facilitates the creation, exchange, or sale” of certain blockchain-related products should be exempted from state’s Money Transmitter Act. Bill also aims to create a legislative group called the “Blockchain Pilot Project Evaluation Task Force” to study potential of technology in government services—Regulation

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