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Blockchain Market Update – November 12, 2018

Vitalik ButerinUncovers new idea for Plasma Scaling on Ethereum. The idea is to develop a layer of Ethereum smart contracts that efficiently interact with the main blockchain. In Buterin’s words: “The main advantage of this new development is that the amount of data to be downloaded will be reduced significantly.” Users will not need to download the whole plasma history but would only be required to generate some plasma coins—Project Development

Bitmain: Unconfirmed rumor that four out of six of company’s board members have quit; Wu Jihan becomes new Supervisor and Micree Zhan turns Executive Director while remaining as Manager. This means that Jihan and Micree are only two members of the board of Bitmain—Other

ICHX TechSingapore-based blockchain infrastructure company announced investments from Singapore Stock Exchange and Heliconia Capital Management, a subsidiary of the government-owned Temasek Holdings. The funds have been raised for iSTOX, a capital markets platform that aims to become the first regulated platform in Asia to offer issuance and trading of security tokens—Project Development

Bitfinex: Now charges a 3% fee on all external wire withdrawal requests that exceeds more than 2 fiat withdrawals in any 30-day period, or more than $1M of aggregate fiat withdrawals in any 30-day period. Regular withdrawals, currently representing 99% of the requests of their customers, are unaffected by the change—Exchange

EthereumDevelopers are eyeing January 16th as the date on which Constantinople, Ethereum’s upcoming network hard fork, could launch. While Jan. 16 date was reached by way of a non-binding verbal agreement, it’s not fixed or final. Indeed, developers on Friday’s bi-weekly call said that Constantinople could be postponed further should additional problems arise—Project Development

EOSDice: The open-source game was attacked again. Attacker was the same hacker who attacked FFGame, using the same attacking technique. This is the 3rd time EOS dApps were hacked this month. On Nov. 8, EOS quiz game FFgame suffered an attack, losing 1,331 EOS; on Nov 4, EOSDice issued a notice to say that its smart contract was attacked, and 2,545 EOS were lost—Other

TronDecentralized Exchange Is Now Live on TronScan. Three trading pairs listed as follows: DICE/TRX, WIN/TRX, SEED/TRX—Exchange

Iran: Finalized development of its national crypto, backed by local fiat unit, the Rial. Once the Central Bank of Iran approves its use, the yet-to-be-named crypto will then be issued to banking institutions for testing in payments, internal, and interbank settlements—Project Development

MAS, SGX: The Monetary Authority of Singapore and Singapore Exchange have successfully developed delivery versus payment (DvP) capabilities for settlement of digital currencies. DvP is a settlement procedure where securities and monies are simultaneously exchanged to ensure that delivery occurs only if the corresponding payment is made—Project Development

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