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Blockchain Market Update – November 14, 2018

Amex: American Express filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a blockchain-based system, titled “Linking digital images with related records,” which includes a new method for receiving, recording and transmitting the image of a receipt—Financial Institution

BitmainRumors of four board members leaving Bitmain misleading; rather a personnel adjustment to simplify structure of Beijing Bitmain Technologies Limited. Different from BitMain Technologies Holding Company, which is registered on Cayman Islands and was expected to go public on Hong Kong Exchange. Prospectus of BitMain Technologies Holding Company shows Micree Zhan and Wu Jihan are both CEOs, co-lead chairmen of the board of directors, and executive directors; two other executive directors include Ge Yuesheng and Liu Luyao—Other

Bitfury: Acquires minority stake in Final Frontier, a financial services firm specializing in blockchain industry operating out of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley region. As partners, both firms will leverage each other’s expertise to develop and offer a range of institutional grade financial products and services—Project Development

BTG: Anonymous developer of Bitcoin Gold reveals his true identity in BTG’s first anniversary after the hard fork. Yin Hang, former Google engineer, released the 2019 roadmap related to the Lightning Network and heterogeneous sidechain of Plasma, and announced BTG officially entered the Chinese market—Project Development

Venezuela: President Nicolas Maduro offers new incentive for people to purchase Petro, stating that anyone who buys Petro until Dec. 31 can convert it into any digital currency or international convertible currency, such as BTC or yuan—Other

Waves: Launches Smart Assets on its testnet. Smart Assets are validated by a script before being validated by the blockchain; applications include restricting trade of digital assets within blockchain games and deterring users from resorting to black market economies, as well as whitelisting, blacklisting, taxation and asset freezing—Project Development

HSBC: Joins Series B funding round of Axoni, a provider of enterprise blockchain technology. This brings the amount raised this round to $36M and total funding to date to $59M—Financial Institution

Target: Twitter account of U.S. retail giant was hacked to promote a BTC scam. Malicious BTC giveaway links were pushed to almost 2M followers. The tweet has already been deleted—Other

Coinhills: Of the tens of thousands of crypto exchanges available, only 187 are operational and active. Top 6 exchanges each have over $3B in trade volume, making up 58.9% of total trade volume. Top 14 exchanges have over $100 million in daily trade volume, taking up 73% of total trade volume. This means the rest of the almost two hundred crypto exchanges only have, in total, less than 30% of the entire market share—Exchange

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