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Blockchain Market Update – November 23, 2018

Lightning Network: Sudden influx of nodes has seen LN capacity increase to new all-time highs as the scaling solution is now handling over $2 million in BTC. Data from monitoring resource reveals overall capacity has shot up almost 300 percent to 438 BTC—Other

Coinbase: Users who filed a class action lawsuit against Coinbase will now go to court on Jan 31, 2019. The lawsuit, which Jeffrey Berk filed earlier this year to address alleged insider trading of BCH among Coinbase officials in 2017, failed to make it to trial in October. District Judge Vince Chhabria threw out Berk’s claims on failure to “describe the scope or content of Coinbase’s duty.” An amended version of the lawsuit now focuses on the exchange purportedly breaking its own listing rules. Coinbase must respond by Dec 20th prior to the initial hearing in January—Exchange

Korea National Policy Committee: The parliamentary debate on the country’s ICO ban could take place next month, with Seoul likely making its position clear on the matter in December, rather than this month as previously pledged—Regulation

U.S. Colorado: Colorado Securities Commissioner has taken action against 18 ICOs, with at least 2 more on the way. The orders are said to be the result of investigations by an ICO Task Force created in May. They demand that ventures immediately stop offering unregistered securities in the state—Regulation

PeckShield: Security firm studied the attack signatures on the EOS gambling games that were recently hacked and have concluded that: 1) the hacker accounts were related and were organized group attacks 2) most successful attacks were related to the random number loophole and 3) similar attacks have become more frequent and their success rates are improving—Other

European CommissionEU’s executive body is launching a new blockchain association next year. Spanish banking giant BBVA announced that four other banks have joined the EC’s planned International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (IATBA), which could be a legal entity as early as Q1 of 2019—Regulation

VenezuelaIssues framework to strengthen and promote Petro through Constituent National Assembly, amending the existing AML regulations and authorizing the House of Exchange to carry out foreign exchange operations legally—Regulation

GBX: Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange has been granted full licence from Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Being licensed in Gibraltar means obeying the territory’s nine regulatory commandments and GBX has attained a level 3 licence, the highest on offer—Exchange

Independent Reserve: Australia’s biggest crypto exchange launched a blockchain innovation hub and co-working space in Sydney, and has attracted tenants such as the Australian Digital Commerce Association, social enterprise blockchain firm Genereos and private investment company Spectre Capital—Project Development

SEBA Crypto AG: Partners with Loomis International, an arm of Sweden-based Loomis Group that has been a leading global provider of logistics solutions for valuables. Under the new partnership, both will collaborate to build a Tempest “Level A” Deep Cold Storage offering for cryptocurrencies—Project Development

Calvin Ayre: Founder of CoinGeek hits back at Kraken’s decision to use the BCH ticker for rival chain ABC. Claims that criminal and SEC investigations are under way in U.S. based on docs leaked to Ayre and notes that Kraken was named in document. Did not provide evidence for the accusations, but promising release next week—Other

China: BTC miners are reportedly selling mining machines by weight in kilo, as the decline in BTC’s price sent mining profitability crashing and forced Chinese operators to sell their mining devices at a loss—Mining

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