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Blockchain Market Update – October 18, 2018

CME Group: Average daily volumes for bitcoin futures trading saw a significant jump in the third quarter to 5,053 contracts compared to the second quarter, which was 3,577. This represents a 41% increase between quarters. CME also provided data on open interest, which represents the total number of unsettled contracts held by those trading in the market. It also grew from 1,523 contracts in the first quarter; 2,405 in the second quarter; and 2,873 in the third quarter—Other

India: Despite the Reserve Bank of India’s directive that prevents Indian banks from working with cryptocurrency businesses, the Internet and Mobile Association of India announced the formation of a blockchain committee. This aims to help the gov’t and startups to develop a blockchain ecosystem throughout India—Regulation

Galaxy Digital: Mike Novogratz’s crypto fund to be the first custody client of Fidelity Digital Assets, which is a subsidiary of Fidelity that will provide crypto custodian solutions to institutional investors and accredited investors—Financial Institution

Ethfinex: Partners with Blockpass, a data-secure user identity and compliance solution to enable compliant user participation in token sales which are hosted on Ethfinex. Through the partnership, Blockpass will be integrated to Ethfinex, allowing registered users to download Blockpass and complete their KYC and submit to Ethfinex by scanning a QR code—Project Development

AWS: Amazon Web Services’ China division partners with public blockchain Qtum. The partnership seeks to develop blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions for enterprises and developers. Simon Wang, head of territory business development at AWS China, confirmed the partnership—Project Development

Brian Quintenz: According to the CFTC regulator, smart contract developers should be held accountable to how their smart contracts are used, noting that illegal activity done on their dApps should be cause for prosecution, as long as the CFTC can demonstrate that the developers could have reasonably foresaw that their code could be used to violate CFTC regulation—Other

LibertyX: Announces partnership with Genmega, an ATM supplier in the U.S., to facilitate crypto purchases using debit cards directly through ATMs. Genmega currently has around 100,000 ATMs spread out across the country. With a simple software upgrade, the machines can now be configured with an option that allows a user to purchase cryptos like BTC directly from the ATM and have the currency sent immediately to the user’s cryptocurrency wallet—Project Development

Monero: Will be the first to implement the “Bulletproofs” tech, invented by cryptographers Benedict Bunz and Jonathan Bootle. Bulletproofs will replace the “zero-knowledge range proofs” that Monero currently relies on, to be done on the next hard fork of Monero—Other

MIT: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to make a $1 billion commitment to the progression of global opportunities and problem solving with artificial intelligence and blockchain. Stephen Schwartzman, co-founder and CEO of Blackstone has contributed $350 million—Other

BitMEX: The research arm of the crypto trading platform will launch its own Bitcoin software client to compete with the industry standard Bitcoin Core. They have chosen to release their own BTC client to help correct the misunderstanding that open-source software repository Bitcoin Core is in charge of the cryptocurrency’s development—Project Development

Norway: A Norwegian man was stabbed to death shortly after completing an in-person cash-for-BTC exchange, and investigators believe that the two events are linked—Other

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