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Blockchain Market Update – October 30, 2018

Hitachi: Partners with the State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, to establish a digital payments platform. The collaboration sees Hitachi Payments join the State Bank of India in developing a sweeping digital payments platform with applications in point-of-sale solutions and mass transit roadways in the country—Project Development

Bakkt: BTC futures trading will begin on Dec. 12, according to a recent notice issued by its owner. Each contract on the platform will consist of one BTC. The minimum tick size for trading is $2.50 per BTC. The futures contract will be cleared through ICE Clear US, which also clears trades for NYSE—Financial Institution

Japan: Financial Services Authority explained how stablecoins are not cryptos under current Japanese law, stating stablecoins pegged by legal currencies do not fall into the category of virtual currencies based on the Payment Services Act. In addition to emphasizing that they are not cryptocurrencies, the regulator clarified the registration requirements for issuers and dealers looking to work with stablecoins—Regulation

Bitstamp: Confirms sale to gaming group NXMH, an investment firm based in Belgium and owned by South Korean conglomerate NXC. In this majority buyout, NXMH will retain an 80% stake in Bitstamp, while CEO Nejc Kodrič will keep his position as CEO and a 10% stake in the company—Exchange

J.P. Morgan: The global investment banking firm is building Quorum, an enterprise blockchain platform built on the Ethereum Platform. The platform can open up new trading opportunities in the next decade as it will help tokenize a variety of assets which include gold bars, precious minerals, real estate, and expensive art—Project Development

U.K.: Financial Conduct Authority weighing a potential ban on the sale of derivatives based on cryptocurrencies such as BTC, in what would be its first major intervention in the nascent market. They said that they would launch a consultation in the first quarter of next year on whether to prohibit the sale of derivatives such as contracts for differences, options, and futures based on crypto to retail investors—Regulation

EEA: During DevCon4, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has released its Client Specification Version 2, which lays out a certification process to ensure Ethereum coders are following common standards. This harmonizes the way large companies use private versions of Ethereum—Project Development

TRON: Looking to build one of TRON’s first fully-featured decentralized exchanges. It released a TronWatch Market demo on Oct 28. The new exchange will allow users to easily and securely trade between TRON, TRX10, and TRX20 tokens—Project Development

StarkWare: Closed a $30M equity funding round led by Paradigm and a number of other investors. StarkWare, the company that developed the zk-STARKS privacy feature, is now working to commercialize the tech—Project Development

Ethereum: According to an analysis, Ethereum’s hash rate has fallen by as much as 12 percent since August, which means that miners could be losing money instead of gaining rewards for all their efforts in mining the digital currency—Mining

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