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Blockchain Market Update – October 5, 2018

Ethereum: Launch of the upcoming hard fork Constantinople on Ethereum’s test network Ropsten is delayed by approximately 5 days. This offers more time for clients to address a vulnerability found in one of the five Constantinople upgrades. Moreover, the delay gives Ropsten users to prepare for the possible network split that could occur when implementing Constantinople—Project Development

SEC: Filed amendments to the proposed rule changes related to the GraniteShares Bitcoin ETF and the GraniteShares Short Bitcoin ETF. The SEC order remains in effect until they finish their review, and ordered all stakeholders to submit statements supporting or opposing GraniteShares ETFs by Oct. 26. Additionally, they have done the same to Direxion Daily Bitcoin Shares, ProShares Bitcoin ETF and the ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF, with the final decision to be expected after Oct. 26—Regulation

MoneyTapThe Ripple-powered payments app, co-developed by Ripple and SBI Holdings, has gone live since Oct. 3 and is aimed to enable domestic bank-to-bank transfers in real-time. According to earlier announcements, MoneyTap will eventually see a consortium of 61 Japanese banks participate in the service, representing more than 80 percent of all of Japan’s banking assets—Financial Institution

EOSIO: Released a major update on EOSJS, the application programming interface (API) for EOS blockchain nodes, and adds a key functionality to the API. The new version will include a built-in support for interchangeable signature providers, aiming to prevent blockchain apps from accessing a user’s private key. Other features include improved error handling, strict typing via Typescript, and a simplified API with fewer dependencies—Project Development

CFTC: In a landmark ruling, a U.S. court upheld that the CFTC had jurisdiction over virtual currencies. By extension, the ruling acknowledges the CFTC’s claim that all cryptos are commodities, extending the claims made by the SEC (it used to be just BTC and ETH were considered commodities)—Regulation

Alibaba: Applied to patent a blockchain system that allows a third-party administrator to execute “special transactions” like halting a smart contract or freezing an account linked to illegal activity. Under Alibaba’s blockchain system, legal authorities can be given the ability to facilitate administrative intervention in the network—Project Development

Coinbase: The vice president of the company, Adam White, is leaving the company. His responsibilities will be assumed by Jonathan Kellner, former CEO of Instinet—Other

DMG Blockchain: The diversified blockchain and crypto company announced it has entered into agreements with IBM Canada to jointly develop and deploy blockchain-based, global supply chain management solutions. They aim to enable complete regulatory compliance for the entire supply chain for regulated products like pharmaceuticals—Project Development


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