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Blockchain Market Update – September 26, 2018

Bakkt: The crypto trading platform operated by the Intercontinental Exchange announced its first Bitcoin futures contracts, which will “be physically delivered Bitcoin futures contracts versus fiat currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR. For example, buying one USD/BTC futures contract will result in daily delivery of one Bitcoin into the customer’s account.”—Financial Institution

Coinbase: Starts a new asset listing process that allows them to rapidly add most digital assets that meets their standards and are compliant with local law. The new platform lets Coinbase list as many assets as are compliant with the law. Still, this means that some assets listed in their platform may only be available to customers in select jurisdictions for a period of time—Exchange

Supreme Court of IndiaPostpones the hearing of final arguments on the petition against the Bitcoin Banking Ban to September 26—Regulation

Monero: Developers patched a bug allowing attackers to burn XMR by sending multiple payments to the same stealth address. While the recipient could spend the funds once, funds sent through subsequent transactions would have been unspendable. Specifically, the bug was found in the Monero wallet software, which did not screen for this particular abnormality—Project Development

U.S.: A spokesperson for Warren Davidson says the representative will announce a bill on the ICO space within the next three weeks based on feedback from the recent roundtable. Nearly 50 representatives from U.S. financial giants and crypto startups meet this week to address issues on the murky regulatory landscape of crypto—Regulation

Google: Removes blanket ban on crypto ads on their platform. Starting October 2018, verified crypto companies in the U.S. and Japan will be able to purchase ads on Google—Other

LedgerX: The crypto derivatives platform reportedly preparing to expand product line to include Ether. They have developed a line of Ether options and are ready to roll them out once it gets approval from regulators. LedgerX has not confirmed the news publicly, but the report cites a source familiar with the company, saying the rollout could follow a CTFC meeting on Oct. 5—Financial Institution

Diar: According to the research firm, U.S. government agencies have collectively spent $5.7M hiring contractors who perform blockchain analysis, which involves linking an individual’s identity with their crypto funds. So far, the IRS accounts for 38% of blockchain analytics spending—Other

Blockchain: The leading European crypto wallet provider has launched its own over-the-counter trading desk for digital assets to execute large trades off of major public crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance. Insiders familiar with the matter state that Vince Machi, former DRW fixed-income, will lead the new business unit—Trading

Prime Trust: In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, now accepts any ERC-20 token for its institutional and retail custody services—Financial Institution

KuCoin: Lists USDC, the dollar-pegged asset of the Circle app. This expands KuCoin’s portfolio of stablecoins—Exchange

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