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HybridBlock Community Updates – December 20, 2018

Dear HYBEX community,

Despite the bear market, we’ve had a busy and successful month at HybridBlock. This week’s update includes HYB token airdrop information, ongoing HYBEX campaigns and promotions, and a special message from our Head of Exchange Nischint Sanghavi. With much more to come from the exchange, BaseTrade and some other projects/partnerships we’re pursuing – we are looking forward to 2019!

“2018 has been a rollercoaster ride for HybridBlock. As a result of a number of security issues, we were forced to delay (from scratch) development of BaseTrade for over 3 months. I’m confident in the exchange we are building, but have never been okay with releasing a half-done product that was out of beta. ‘Do it big or don’t do it at all’ has been the motto of our founders, and we intend to follow this rule. We are hoping to officially sign with 2 banks and are very close to finalizing BaseTrade. 2019 will be a monumental year for us as we will kick our marketing engines into full blast upon BaseTrade’s release. The executive team has been preparing a 2018 year in review. This letter is a long one with many questions from the community answered, so you won’t want to miss this one as we go deep with the ride we’ve had in 2018, and the amazing opportunities we have lined up for 2019. Our team is confident that we will win in 2019 and beyond. We hope you all stay with us and continue to support us in delivering the absolute best crypto platforms and products possible.”

HybridBlock Token Airdrop

The HYB airdrop is complete. Please check your balances. If you have not registered for a Hybex.io account but qualified for the airdrop, please do so within 30 days.

HYBEX Exchange Updates

A huge milestone month for HYBEX, 4 months of trading completed! We’ve conducted our first new token listing with Litecoin, 0x, Augur, Endor and Quarkchain pairs now trading live. To celebrate the first new token listing, we’ve also initiated the “ZERO MAKER FEE” promotion through December 27, 2018.

More Token Listings

Part of our goal at HYBEX is to list more virtual currency options for various communities to buy and sell. Additionally, we prioritize secure custody of your assets. We’ve recently partnered with a top custody provider to bring an even more secure custody framework to exchange users. In the coming weeks we will also add a team of internal wallet developers that will enable us to list more tokens in the coming months. We hope this leads to more exclusive token listings and a quicker, more seamless listing process. Stay tuned for our next group of tokens to be listed in the coming weeks!

BaseTrade Upcoming Release!

BaseTrade development is nearly complete! We expect final turnover from the development team to happen within the next few weeks. After some internal beta testing, we will release to the public. A desktop, Android and iOS version are all planned for release. BaseTrade is expected to support fiat payment through major credit cards and/or wire transfers, all while providing some of the best prices for fiat-virtual currency. As a reminder, your Hybex account will be the same login credentials for BaseTrade and the balances will be the same on both platforms but all users on BaseTrade will be required to have level 1 verification to buy and sell.

On December 18, Nick Dimitriou, Chief Legal Officer of HybridBlock joined an ABA webinar with a panel of blockchain guests talking about science and technology law within the blockchain space. As Hybrid continues to work with regulators and local partners in multiple jurisdictions, we want to highlight the absolute importance of having someone like Nick on our team. He’s had an illustrious career and guided the team through many negotiations, discussions, and collaborations in order to position ourselves to receive proper licensing, and create partnerships to further enhance our product offering. 2019 will be strictly about compliance and regulatory guidelines, and we are confident in our ability to perform in this evolving market. Learn more here.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week

We are pleased to announce that our third annual Hybrid Summit will take place during Hong Kong Blockchain Week (HKBW) with our strategic program partner Chaineer.

Taking place between March 4-8, 2019, HKBW is anticipated to be the largest blockchain event in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the ‘Gateway to China’ and ‘Asia’s World City’, playing an important role in how the industry shifts in 2019, with an emphasis on blockchain solutions. We expect over 3000 delegates to join us at HKBW, alongside over 120 speakers and 150 investors from 50 plus countries.

Get your tickets here, using flash deal code HSTICKET.

Kindest Regards,

Team HybridBlock

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Simon Chou is a B2B reporter and content manager specializing in technology and finance. He has worked with many clients in the fintech and blockchain space. He holds investment positions in bitcoin and other large-cap cryptocurrencies, and has been reporting on cryptocurrency since 2017. Currently, Simon is the content manager for a major cryptocurrency exchange @HybridBlockHQ.

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