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Life after Olympics: Apolo Ohno seeks to launch $50M blockchain platform
March 22, 2018 0 112
A two-time gold medalist, Ohno teamed up with other founders to create an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading ecosystem called HybridBlock and are working on raising $50 million in an initial coin ...
HybridBlockICO Review – Cryptocurrency Trading System
March 22, 2018 0 127
HybridBlock is an exchange ecosystem that aims to bring cryptocurrencies to everyday retail investors. It will attempt to cater from the beginner to the expert day trader looking for sophisticated ...
Olympic Speed Skater, Gold Medalist Applies Lessons To New Crypto Venture
March 1, 2018 0 104
Just back from Korea where he served as an NBC commentator on the Winter Olympics, Apolo Ohno joined me for a discussion about skating and his new venture in cryptocurrencies. ...
HybridBlock And The Future of Cryptocurrency Education
March 1, 2018 0 108
Until Gen Xers can properly understand and trade cryptocurrency, mainstream media will continue to be skeptical, limiting the potential for new investors and growth. What is needed is a tool ...
HybridBlock Introduces HybridTrade – An Advanced Trading Platform Set to Disrupt Global Crypto-Trading Industry
February 26, 2018 0 105
Closed Beta Opens to Select Users Q4 2017; Launch Complemented with App-Driven "HybridCentral" Education & Training Program. HybridBlock, a leading developer of advanced blockchain solutions, today introduced HybridTrade, the world’s ...
How and Why Cryptocurrencies Will Be Used by Almost Everyone on the Planet – And What Needs to Happen for True Mass Adoption
February 26, 2018 0 173
Raise your hand if the terms "cryptocurrency" or "blockchain" results in a puzzled expression on your face. I get it, because I was in the same boat until recently when ...
After the Winter Olympics: What these athletes did when their competing days were over
February 26, 2018 0 82
The speed skater is the co-founder of Allysian Sciences, a "life-coaching company" that develops a line of premium supplements. Ohno has also co-founded HybridBlock, a developer of advanced blockchain solutions. ...
7 Predictions for Blockchain Technology in 2018
February 26, 2018 0 106
In 2018, blockchain will continue to move into the mainstream, and people will further need to understand what is happening. That will lead to more knowledgeable citizens, and also to ...
How HybridBlock Could Disrupt Crypto Trading for Everybody From Novices to Experts
February 26, 2018 0 107
Exchanges continue to be fraught with weaknesses. This drains investor confidence and threatens the tech as financially unviable to trade before it can even reach its potential. What is needed ...
February 26, 2018 0 0
当前,全球分享经济快速增长,基于慧智互联,共享创新的新经济发展模式势必是下一个风口,除了产业规模惊人,发展前景诱人,新模式、新业态不断涌现。今天,新生代人工智能+智能区块公司HybridBlock(HB) 在香港正式推出其超越智能区块整体解决方案,并已成功获得首轮融资。记者了解到,HybridBlock 的核心团队是国际上最早一批人机交互领域的创业者,在智能区块软、硬件产品、开放平台打造以及支付场景落地工程化方面具备专业水平,过去多年积累了丰富的方案经验,是国际智能区块产品化经验最丰富的团队之一。...
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