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November 16, 2018 by

In preparation for this year’s winter holidays, HybridBlock is introducing a unique bounty program that will run from November 30th to January 30th.

Proof-of-Caring (PoC) Program

We would like to thank the community for sticking with us through our many ups-and-downs in 2018. To us, PoC means you care for HYBEX and will recommend to others. For the month of December, we invite all HYBEX community members to submit their PoC submissions.

PoC can be in any form including content, video, artwork, or review posts on local cryptocurrency groups and personal pages. It can also mean providing the HYBEX team with feedback on website design (UI/UX), translating content, or doing work for the team (local language admins, GitHub code contributors, etc).

Program Duration:

November 30, 2018 to January 30, 2019


Joining our Telegram channel is necessary for a PoC submission.

In order to receive the bounty rewards, you must pass KYC and successfully create on account on


We will be selecting winners based on the following 3 criteria:

  1. Contribution to HYB Community Growth
  2. Overall impact on HYB
  3. Originality

In total there will be 3 Big Bonus and 15 Small Bonus prizes:

  • Rank 1: 101,520 HYB (USD 2,000)
  • Rank 2: 50,760 HYB (USD 1,000)
  • Rank 3: 25,380 HYB (USD 500)
  • Rank 4th-18th: 7,615 HYB (USD 150) per participant

Thank you again to all HybridBlock community members, we couldn’t have done all this without you. We look forward to receiving all your PoC submissions!

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Simon Chou is a B2B reporter and content manager specializing in technology and finance. He has worked with many clients in the fintech and blockchain space. He holds investment positions in bitcoin and other large-cap cryptocurrencies, and has been reporting on cryptocurrency since 2017. Currently, Simon is the content manager for a major cryptocurrency exchange @HybridBlockHQ.

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