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Choosing Your Cryptocurrency Exchange
August 15, 2018 0 434
Buying cryptocurrency should be straightforward if the market hopes to be highly adopted. In the future, someone should be able to give a person who owns cryptocurrency some cash in ...
South Africa Remains a Booming Crypto Market During Bearish Times Globally
August 13, 2018 0 350
South Africa Remains a Pocket of Growth for Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen a surge in popularity across South Africa as the nation grapples with growing political uncertainty, high ...
5 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2018
August 10, 2018 0 505
Top Cryptocurrency 2018 List With over 1,500 alt coins to choose from, it’s tough to say which cryptocurrency will emerge victorious in the future. And no matter how much research ...
Should I Invest in Ethereum Now?
August 9, 2018 0 338
Is it a good time to purchase Ethereum or would you be better off waiting? Since the major dip in the market last January, quite a number of people are ...
When to Buy Cryptocurrency? A Simple Investment Technique
August 8, 2018 0 256
Dollar-Cost Averaging – A Deceptively Simple yet Effective Investment Technique When is the best time to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency? There is an investment technique called dollar cost averaging ...
Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?
August 6, 2018 0 311
Brief History on Bitcoin Bitcoin has existed since 2009 and the technology it is built on has roots going back even further. Two examples of these were B-Money (1998) and ...
Data Shows U.S. Dollar Dominates Bitcoin Trading
August 6, 2018 0 311
US dollar may actually be dominating global bitcoin trading volumes Isn’t Japan the leading cryptocurrency powerhouse? While new data collected from CoinDesk suggests otherwise, currently, data from Coinhills and CryptoCompare ...
A Short Exploration on How to Invest in Ethereum
July 26, 2018 0 396
Ethereum enables parties to form deals with one another without the need for middle men or third parties to enforce the contracts. This functionality has made Ethereum – and its ...
Cryptocurrency Sentiment Improves, Bitcoin Prices Skyrocket
July 23, 2018 0 410
Bitcoin added $10 billion in market capitalization in under an hour on July 17 and has been on an upward trend for nearly a week now, increasing 20% during a ...
Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hack Reveals Signs of a Strong Market
July 16, 2018 0 267
What happened? On Wednesday, June 20, roughly $31Million USD (or 35 Billion Korean Won) was stolen from South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb. According to a report from CoinDesk Korea, the ...
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