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What Can I Buy With Ethereum?

Paying With Ethereum

“What can I buy with Ethereum?” This is the question in the minds of those aware of it. As the second leading cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum is an excellent option for many merchants. Right now, however, Ether has negligible acceptance by merchants, though it is widely accepted for investment purposes. With its decentralized and smart contract capabilities, Ethereum has great potential to compete against Bitcoin and become the next major cryptocurrency for payments.

Here are a few places that accept Ether as payment:

Anything on Ethereum’s blockchain can be paid by Ether. For example, gaming apps like CryptoKitties, CryptoCountries, Crypto-All Stars, CryptoCelebrities and EtherBots can all be bought by Ether.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) accept Ether in place of fiat currencies as investment capital. Some examples include:

HybridBlock – an “all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem”. They have a learning hub, a trading platform, a global exchange and their own terminal.

Block Collider – “a mineable multi-chain protocol”. It is a fast distributed ledger built from 5 blockchains integrated.

Skrumble Network – “secure communication-centric blockchain”. A more secure way to do communication and financial transactions.

FIC Network – “Fixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets”. Users will have the ability to buy and sell or list any kind of fixed income investment such as loans, bonds, credit swaps, etc.

Online gambling websites like Bitcasino, Americas Card Room, Sportsbet.io, and vDice

➢ Specialty internet browsers like Brave Browser blocks ads and trackers. They used to accept only dollars but now has accepted payment in Ether.

Web and VPS hosting companies like HosterBox, Snel.com, and FlokiNET

Private Jet Company: Tapjets, “the Largest Private Jet Instant Booking Platform”. Customers can now make transactions using Ether, debit/credit cards and bank payments.

Major Retailer: Overstock.com, the first major retail company to accept cryptocurrencies. Aside from Ether, they also accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin and Monero.

Online Retail Stores: Cryptocurrency Gear, Crypto General Store, CryptoStorez. Dedicated in selling retail items and cryptocurrency merchandise, these stores all accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

To find out other online stores that accept cryptocurrency, check out CoinPayments . It’s the largest directory of stores that has cryptocurrency as one of its payment options.

Transactions with the Ethereum blockchain is not only limited to banking and finance. It can also be useful in industries such as real estate, technology, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and automotive. Although Ethereum hasn’t caught the interest of as many merchants and consumers as Bitcoin, this will change in the following year or two. We’ve already seen a huge movement towards Ethereum with organizations like the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. EEA is an organization comprising of Fortune 500 companies, technology experts, and startups that have a mutual goal of building enterprise-grade software using the Ethereum protocol and blockchain technology. Some major companies that have backed Ethereum and are members of the EEA are MasterCard, Samsung SDS, Swiss Bank, Microsoft, Cisco, Toyota and Intel.


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